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2017 Foals

Stryking Synsation DF
        2017 1/2 Arabian colt
        (Dream Synsation x Canadian Red Rose)

Mezmerizing Fyre DF
        2017 Purebred Arabian filly
        (Spitfyre VF x DD Crystalline)

Stryking Synsation DF  Stryking Synsation DF

Spitfyre VF  Mezmerizing Fyre DF

2015 Foals

Unique Ambition DF
        2015 1/2 Arabian Gelding
        (Bey Ambition x Canadian Red Rose)

Unique Ambition DF  Unique Ambition DF

2014 Foals

Titan El Dezahari DF
        2014 PB Arabian Colt
        (Kalahari x Desperado's Dezirae)

Azahari Shah DF
        2014 PB Bay Arabian Colt
        (Kalahari x Animashahn)

Titan El Dezahari DF  Titan El Dezahari DF

Kalahari  Azahari Shah DF

2013 Foals

Special QT Designr DF
        2013 Black Homozygous Tobiano filly
        (Specialist In Colour x Black Designer Jeans)

Specialist Destiny
        2013 Double Homozygous Black Tobiano filly
        (Specialist In Colour x A Drummer In Black)

Tymeless Essence DF
        2013 Chestnut filly
        (Dream Synsation x DD Radiance)

2013 APHA filly  Black Designer Jeans

2013 APHA filly  2013 APHA filly

2013 CAHR filly  2013 Chestnut filly

2012 Foals

Tyrra Nova DF
        2012 Dark Bay Arabian filly
        (Dream Synsation x Animashahn)

Amir Kazal DF
        2012 Arabian Bay colt
        (Kalahari x Amiira Kamilah)

Moonshyne DF
        2012 Bay Tobiano 1/2 Arabian
        (Shy Gayfeen++++// x Canadian Red Rose)
        Full Sibling to Regional Champion Born To Shyne DF

Tyrra Nova DF  Animashahn

Amir Kazal DFAmir Kazal DF

Shy Gayfeen++++//Canadian Red Rose

2011 Foals

Superstytion DF
        2011 Bay Tobiano 1/2 Arabian Colt
        (Dream Synsation x Canadian Red Rose)
        Maternal Sibling to Canadian Res Ch Futurity Filly
              Born To Shyne DF

        Parkland Futurity Champion 1/2 Arabian
        Region 17 Stallion Service Auction Futurity Champion 1/2 Arabian
        Region 17 Sweepstakes Unanimous Champion 1/2 Arabian

Stormy Solstice DF
        2011 Bay Arabian colt
        (Dream Synsation x DD Radiance)

Superstytion DF  Superstytion DF

Stormy Solstice DF - 2011 Bay Arabian colt(Dream Synsation x DD Radiance)Stormy Solstice DF - 2011 Bay Arabian colt(Dream Synsation x DD Radiance)

2009 Foals

Synsashahnal DF
        2009 Bay Arabian Colt
        (Dream Synsation x Animashahn)

2008 Foals

Denakh DF
        2008 3/4 Arabian bay tobiano colt
        (Dream Synsation x CH Kherida)

bay tobiano colt75% Arabian bay tobiano colt

2007 Foals

CH Khabana
        2007 Bay 1/2 Arabian Filly
        (GF Forever Magic+ x CH Kherida)

Chocolat DF
        2007 Chestnut 1/2 Arabian Filly
        (Dream Synsation x Peters Lucky Sundance)

Shastara DF
        2007 Bay Tobiano 1/2 Arabian fiily
        (Dream Synsation x Sacred Dreams DF)

Born To Shyne DF
        2007 Bay Tobiano 1/2 Arabian Filly
        (Shy Gayfeen++++// x Canadian Red Rose)

        Regional Halter Champion

CH Khabana  CH Khabana

liver chestnut filly  Chestnut filly by Dream Synsation

Shastara DF  Shastara DF

Born To Shyne DF  Born To Shyne DF

2006 Foals

Khohana Breeze DF
        2006 1/2 Arabian Chestnut Tobiano Filly
        (GF Forever Magic+ x CH Kherida)

Prince Nuju
        2006 1/2 Arabian gelding
        (Absolute Gold Alert x Desert Lady)

Khohana Breeze DFKhohana Breeze DF
2006 1/2 Arabian colt    Desert Lady's 2006 foal

2005 Foals

All That Jazz DF
        2005 Bay Tobiano 1/2 Arabian filly
        (Rhythm N' Gold x Fancy By Design)

Limited Edition DF
        2005 Bay Purebred Arabian colt
        (Rhythm N' Gold x Sweet Desert Dreams)

Forever A Lady DF
        2005 Chestnut Purebred Arabian filly
        (GF Forever Magic+ x Desert Lady)

All That Jazz DF
Limited Edition DF
GF Forever Magic+ fillyForever A Lady DF

2004 Foals

Moonlit Kisses DF
        2004 Black/bay Purebred Arabian Filly
        (NV Beau Bey x Desperado's Dezirae)

Absolute Striking Image DF
        2004 Bay homozygous tobiano PB Saddlebred filly
        (Absolute Gold Alert x SHR Lightning Bug's Firefly)
Bay filly by NV Beau Bey Black/Bay Arabian filly
Purebred SaddlebredHomozygous Purebred Saddlebred

2003 Foals

Desert Lace DF
        2003 Grey Purebred Sabino Arabian Filly
        (Rhythm N' Gold x Desert Lady)

Design N' Effect DF
        2003 Chestnut Tobiano colt
        (Rhythm N' Gold x Fancy By Design)

Dreamcatcher DF
        2003 Bay Purebred Arabian filly
        (Rhythm N' Gold x Desperado's Dezirae)

Rhythm N' Roses DF
        2003 Bay Tobiano filly
        (Rhythm N' Gold x Canadian Red Rose)

2003 Purebred Sabino Arabian filly

chestnut tobiano son of Rhythm N' Gold - Legacy of Gold son2003 chestnut tobiano colt - Design N' Effect DF

daughter of Rhythm N' Gold - Legacy of Gold sondaughter of Desperado's Dezirae

Rhythm N' Roses DF - pending - 2003 Bay Tobiano FillyRhythm N' Roses DF - pending

2002 Foals

Sacred Dreams DF - Bay tobiano NSH 1/2 Arab filly
Outrageous By Design - Ch Homozygous Tobiano
April Storm DF - Brown 1/2 Arabian tobiano filly
National Show Horse Filly    NSH filly by Calypso Bay
Outrageous By Design DF - Chestnut Homozygous tobiano colt    Ozzy - Chestnut Homozygous Tobiano colt
April Storm DF - 1/2 Arabian pinto filly    Black/Bay tobiano 1/2 Arabian filly

2001 Foal

Lightning Streak DF - Black Homozygous Tobiano
Homozygous black tobiano colt

2000 Foals

Dreams N Miracles DF - Arabian
Cheyenne Summer DF - 1/2 Arabian Pinto
Dreams N Miracles DF - Grey Bey Shah Granddaughter      Cheyenne Summer DF - Buckskin Tobiano Filly

1999 Foal

Sweet Chickadee DF - 1/2 Arabian Pinto
Sweet Chickadee DF - Bay Tobiano 1/2 Arabian

1998 Foal

Desperado's Dezirae - Arabian
Desperado's Dezirae -  1998 Black/Bay Arabian


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