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HAF Key Dancer is a National Champion producing mare, dam of CH Obesession. We would love to thank <a href="http://www.harveyarabianfarm.com" target="_blank">Harvey Arabian Farm</a> for allowing us to lease this very special and beautiful mare. </p> <P>Kherida has several outstanding foals. Her pinto gelding by Cytosk+++/, CH Easter Knight is doing well in the show ring. CH Easter Knight is <li>CANADIAN NATIONAL CHAMP - Top 10 HA/AA Country English Pl JT 17 & Under Champ <li>REGION 5 CHAMPIONSHIP - Top 5 HA/AA Country English Pl AO Champ <li>CLASS A - HA/AA Country English Pl Champ <li>CANADIAN NATIONAL CHAMP - Top 10 HA/AA Futurity Gelding In-Hand <li>REGION 6 CHAMPIONSHIP - Champion HA/AA Gelding In-Hand Saddle/Pl <li>REGION 4 CHAMPIONSHIP - Champion HA/AA Yearling Colts/Geldings<br><br> Kherida has produced a <a href="hanna.htm">stunning chestnut pinto filly</a> by Multi champion Magic Dream son, GF Forever Magic+. We are retaining this filly. <br><br> Kherida was bred to Dream Synsation twice and produced a beautiful bay tobiano colt, Denakh DF & a chestnut tobiano colt Khrimson HAF. Kherida was to be bred to Dream Synsation in 2012 but Kherida passed away in January 2012. Her loss was devastating and has left a big hole in our hearts. We are so lucky to have her daughter Khohana Breeze and will always cherish her.<br><br> <br> <center><img src="images/graphics/teal divider mirror.jpg" width="426" height="55" alt="divider"></center><br><br> <center><a href="kheridapedigree.htm"><img src="images/graphics/pedigree.jpg" width="175" height="60" alt="Kherida's Pedigree" border="0"></a>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; <a href="Kheridasoffspring.htm"><img src="images/graphics/offspring.jpg" width="175" height="60" alt="Kherida's Pedigree" border="0"></a></center></h4><br> <center><img src="images/graphics/teal divider.jpg" width="426" height="55" alt="divider"></center><br> <br> <center><a href="mares-arabian.htm"><img src="images/graphics/leftarrow1.jpg" width="143" height="61" alt="Back to Our Half Arabian Mares" border="0"></a><br><br> <center><img src="images/graphics/divider.gif" width="285" height="17" alt="divider"></center><br> <BR><CENTER>Thank you for visiting Destiny Farm's site.<br> <br> <!--A1--> <script language="JavaScript"> //<!-- document.write("<center> Last Update: "); document.writeln(DocDate(),"</center>"); // --> </script><!-- --> </center> </table> </body> </html>